Data Science Laboratory, CL 122, University of Regina, SK, CANADA.
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Sirvan Parasteh

Graduate Student

About me


Graduate student in Computer Science (Data Science & Machine Learning) at University of Regina. Research Assistant at Data Science Lab, University of Regina. With more than 6 years experience in industry and contributing in different projects including:

1. Search Engine and meta-search engine development, Applying NLP and IR methods, Leveraging distributed file systems, HDFS, Sql/NoSQL DBs, Kafka, restful APIs, JAVA/Python.

2. BlockChain monitoring system, developed ETL module using Python, Kafka and Hadoop file system.

3. Marketing and Customer analytics in Banking, design and developed customer behaviour analysis, customer lifetime value, segmentation and churn prediction, market basket analysis etc. using R, Python, PL/SQL and Oracle DBMS.

4. Customized and deployed a large-scale messaging application based on Actor Messaging Platform using Java/Scala for server side and Java/Android for client side.

Interested in Machine learning and data science technology with a thirst of learning and conducting research in interdisciplinary areas. Currently, doing my research as a member of Data Science Lab under the supervision of Dr. Alireza Manashty.

Machine Learning
Data Science
Data visualization

Work Experience


Graduate Intern

NAK, Tehran
Sep 2020 - Jan 2021

Data Scientist, Conducting research and developing NLP modules as an R&D member of’s team.

Software Engineer and Data Science Consultant, Tehran

Raspina Software Pioneers Co.
Jun 2017 - Sep 2020

Participating in different projects including BlockChain Monitoring system, Marketing and Customer analytics for banking system, large-scale messaging solution etc.

Project manager and senior Java developer

Next Generation Communication (NGC), Erbil
Jul 2016 - May 2017

Project manager and team member of a team of developers working on a meta-search engine tire of a knowledge base social network. we designed and developed a big data platform capable of handle and process large amount of data and user queries based on Java, HDFS, Hbase, Elasticsearch, Kafka and AeroSpike.



Master of Science in Field of Computer Science

University of Regina

Activities: Research Assistant at Data Science Laboratory. Research in Privacy Preserved Machine Learning. Course work includes Machine Learning, Data Science Fundamentals, Data visualization.

Master of Science in Field of Artificial Intelligence and Robotic

Iran University of Science and Technology

Activities: Research Assistant at DAI and Multi-Agent System Laboratory. Research in Application of Multi-agent system in Smart Power grid. Course work includes Statistical Pattern Recognition, Machine Learning, Distributed Artificial Intelligence, Evolutionary Computing.

Bachelor's degree in Field of Software Engineering

University of Zanjan
2007 – 2010

Associate's degree in Field of Computer Software

Enghelab-e Eslami Technical College
2004 – 2007