University of Regina, Regina, SK, Canada
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Dayne Blair

Undergraduate Research Assistant

About me


After working as a successful hairstylist for more than 7 years, Dayne Blair decided to switch careers in 2019; she is now an undergraduate student at the U of R in pursuit of a B.Sc. in Computer Science, minoring in Critical Thinking and Professional Ethics. Her passion is to build a more thoughtful, sustainable, and inclusive future in technology.
Dayne’s programming experience includes Data Structures and Abstractions, Object Oriented Design (OOP), Digital Systems, and Problem Solving with Programming. She is familiar with C++ and is currently growing her skills in Python. Dayne loves to learn and enjoys a good challenge; she is always looking to expand her horizons.
For fun, Dayne likes to travel, go hiking, play Dungeons and Dragons and video games, and hang out with her pet bird, Artie.

Latest Experiences!


NSERC Undergraduate Research Assistant

University of Regina
May 2021 – Present

Assisting research efforts in the U of R Data Science Laboratory focused on Temporal Health Forecasting using Generative Models.



B.Sc. Computer Science

University of Regina
2019 - PRESENT