Regina, SK, Canada
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Yazdan Ranjbar

B.Sc. Computer Science student
Software Engineer

About me


B.Sc. Computer Science student with +5 years of Algorithm programming experience includes Object-Oriented Programming(OOP), Algorithm Design and Optimization, Graph Theory, Number Theory, Problem Solving, etc using C/C++, and Python and also +1 years of Web Development experience using Django(Python web framework), DRF(RestFull API), ORM, AWS, Docker, etc.
Software Engineer at Daraya(1) and Voluntary Support at Quera College(2).
I keep going with self-confidence and try hard to improve my tech skills and soft skills, learn new things, and stay up to date, make good moments with my colleagues to finally reach the best results in our services and products.

1- Daraya (Finance Platform) is a Platform for the Several Markets Such as Stocks(Bourse) which is helping people to be in touch with professional Advisers, Monitor their selected markets and stocks; get the valuable data and a lot of other features!
2- Quera College is the Iranian leader in Task-Oriented and Interactive Online Education in Programming and Algorithmic Thinking.
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Latest Experiences!


Software Engineer

SEP 2020 - MAY 2021

Route Compass Investment in the Market World

  • Responsible for managing the technical aspects of the team such as selecting proper technologies, designing the architecture of the system and database. Interviewer of people who had applied to join the company.
  • Designed, developed, and owner of a crawler service. Used 3-Tier architecture and design patterns such as Proxy, Adaptor, and Private Class Data.
  • Designed and Implemented a reservation system service, a micro-service that handles the reservations, reminders, and online meetings between advisors and customers. (Django, PostgreSQL, Docker, Minio, DRF)
  • Responsible for infrastructure and Deployment of different services. Oversaw test pipelines, zero downtime deployment, technical monitoring, and troubleshooting. (Kubernetes, Docker Swarm, GitLab Runner, Prometheus, Grafana)
  • Refactored and merged an old service to production. (DRF, Connection Pooling, Async, ThreadPool, ThreadProcess)
  • Team-work experience in large-scale projects and teams that are integrated with each other efficiently and effectively.

Scientific Programmer and Contest Organizer

Quera College
NOV 2019 ā€“ OCT 2020

Remotely Working in the fields of Django, Python, C/C++, Unit Test, and etc.
Scientific support at Quera College, the Iranian leader in Task-Oriented and Interactive Online Education in Programming and Algorithmic Thinking.

In Quera College I:

  • help students(users) to solve and debug their codes;
  • design, make tests, and validate programming problems and programming contest organizer;
  • help the Quera College team with their Technical Projects. Project Management and Review their Merge Requests, Technical Issues.



B.Sc. Computer Science

University of Regina
2021 - 2025 (EXPECTED)

Iā€™m contributing in the Data Science lab projects under the supervision of PhD. Alireza Manashty.

Mathematics and Physics Diploma

Allame Helli High School
2013 ā€“ 2019

Affiliated with the National Organization for Development of Exceptional Talents (NODET)

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